Lohri 2022 Lok Geet: ‘Sundar mundariye ho, tera bol kaun vichara ho…’ celebration is incomplete with out this Lohri folks track

Lohri 2022 Lokgeet: The competition of Lohri is well known a day earlier than Makar Sankranti. In lots of states of North India together with Punjab and Haryana, Lohri is well known with pomp on January 13. Based on the idea, folks of that household have a good time Lohri in a particular manner in the home the place there’s a newly married couple or in the home the place the kid was born. The primary Lohri of the brand new bride and youngster is taken into account very particular. On at the present time folks thank God and nature for the nice yield of crops. Together with this, we want for a great crop of the fields in future additionally.
Individuals outdoors their homes at evening Lohri Let’s burn Maize and sesame are provided within the fireplace of Lohri. Men and women in conventional costumes have a good time this auspicious event by singing folks songs. You too can bear in mind the lyrics of the well-known folks track (Well-known Lok Geet) for singing on Lohri. Learn, folks songs sung on Lohri (Lok Geet Ke Bol)

lohri folks track

You’re lovely sunderers, who’re your ideas?
Dulla is a furnace,
Ser sugar pie, kudi de jebe pie,
Kudi da pink pataka ho, kudi da salu pata ho,

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Who has gathered Salu, Uncle Churi Kutti,
The zamindars are robbed, the zamindars are perpetual,
You may have introduced plenty of poles, one ballot has decreased,
Zamindar took vohti and went to nerves, I got here to find out about him,
The landowner got here operating with Vohti.

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The soldier rotated, the soldier was no extra it, Bhavne cry te bhaven pitt,
Sahnu De Lohri, Teri Jeeve Jodi.

There may be a variety of Bhangra and Giddha dance on at the present time. Additionally, there’s a custom of listening to the story of Dulla Bhatti on Lohri.(Disclaimer: The data and knowledge given on this article relies on common assumptions. Hindi news18 doesn’t affirm the identical. Earlier than implementing these, please contact the involved knowledgeable.)

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