Like this, ingesting 4 teas will take away all well being associated issues.

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Everybody likes sizzling tea in winter. At this time we are going to inform you about 4 varieties of tea which won’t solely be good in style, but additionally very helpful for well being. Ingesting tea can forestall many continual ailments together with most cancers, dehydration and weight problems. Medical doctors say that ingesting two to 3 cups of tea a day is a greater choice for well being, as a result of tea protects the physique from oxidation harm and offers antioxidants, which take away free radicals from our cells.

Masala Tea
All of the spices utilized in Masala Chai like cardamom, basil, liquorice, ginger, black pepper, clove, are thought of to have many advantages, but when all these spices are blended collectively, they show to be very helpful for our well being. Masala tea helps in boosting our immunity, relieves fatigue, relieves ache, offers reduction in chilly and cough and enhances digestion energy.

lemon tea
Ingesting lemon tea not solely offers freshness to the physique, however it’s also thought of helpful for our well being. Our physique will get many advantages by consuming this tea. We are able to management our weight by ingesting lemon tea. Additionally, ingesting lemon tea offers reduction from the issue of dizziness and vomiting throughout being pregnant. Lemon tea is taken into account excellent for the pores and skin.

cardamom tea
Cardamom tea may be very helpful for our physique. Many nutritional vitamins and minerals are present in cardamom. Resembling Vitamin B1, B6, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C that are useful in decreasing your weight. On the identical time, the calcium and fiber current in cardamom retains your weight secure. ,

ginger tea
Many ailments could be overcome by ingesting ginger tea. Ginger accommodates calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and lots of different vitamins. Ingesting this offers reduction in lots of varieties of throat associated issues. Ingesting ginger tea can cut back blood strain.


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