Tips To Style Your Gas Log Fireplace

Gas Log Fire Installations

A crackling fire that adds warmth to your room and also to its ambiance is all you need on a cold winter day. Fireplaces have always held a special place when it comes to styling homes and is considered one of the most important décor elements. Today most modern homeowners are opting for gas log fireplaces and for good reasons too. They are easy to operate, create a feeling of real wood burning and most importantly don’t tie you up to those thankless cleaning and maintenance regime. But what is often understated as far as these fireplaces are how much they can add to your room décor?

Gas log fireplace manufacturers are constantly innovating with the designs and when you hire a professional team for installation they offer you a wide choice of decorative options. In fact, these fireplaces are as much a functional element in your room as they are an important means to uplift the ambiance inside. You have plenty of options to explore as far as styling your gas log fireplaces is concerned. Since they are safer to operate you can do things that you couldn’t have imagined earlier. Here we share some tips that you can follow to add to the ambiance of your room while installing a gas log fireplace.

Add surrounds to the fireplaces

Surrounds are the easiest and most effective way of adding to the appearance of your fireplace. This is one of the must-haves for any fireplace you plan to install at home. Without one your fireplace would look incomplete and become an eyesore. Talking about surrounds and you would be spoilt for choice. If budget is not an issue you can opt for stone surround as they look the best. In case you wish to have the same effect and not spend that much you can use cultured stone for the surround. If you are looking for something classical you can opt for wooden surrounds as they have a certain novelty factor attached to them. Tiled surrounds are your cheapest option but they need not look cheap when you use your creative head in mixing and matching these tiles.

Add Depth Using Decorative Mirrors

If the size of the living room where the fireplace is being installed is small you need to work on creating more sense of space. What better way of doing it than installing decorative mirrors on the walls above the fireplace? Choose a mirror that is the same size as the surround and install it a few inches above your fireplace’s mantle and it would immediately add to the ambiance of your room. You have the option of choosing from a wide selection of decorative mirrors and you’d be really proud of your efforts once the mirror has been seamlessly installed above your fireplace.

Create a Gallery Wall above the Fireplace

You could have least imagined doing this on the wall above a traditional fireplace. The soot and the smoke from the traditional fireplaces wouldn’t let you have anything precious on the wall above. But with a gas log type fireplace, you have unlimited options of using this space to spice up the décor of your home. The best thing to do would be adding a gallery above the fireplace. Choose some of your photographs and other mementos that you have collected over the years to create a nice gallery on the wall. You can try adding some old world letterboxes or lighting fixtures to this area as it will create a rustic look. Your creativity has no bounds as you can explore all possible options to add a new meaning to the wall above the fireplace.

Elongate the fireplace with a Hearth Rug

With the sparks and fly in traditional log type fireplaces, the area in front of your fireplace wasn’t something you could have worked upon. But a flame-resistant hearth rug would be a perfect addition to your gas log fireplace. Sit there and enjoy the warmth of your fireplace and most importantly add a new styling element to the fireplace. Here you need to keep two things in mind – first, the rug you choose should complement the surround of your fireplace and secondly you need to find a rug that is of the same size as your fireplace’s surround. This would create a cohesive design and make your fireplace appear elongated.

These tips have got you already excited, haven’t they? All you need to do is hire a professional team for installation and choose a fireplace that is apt for your home. You will need to make several decisions while choosing one with respect to their size, their functionality and the kind of venting options you prefer. A professional team would help you make the best choice based on the décor idea you wish to explore and of course your budget.


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