The Need for Innovation in School Furniture

Education in the present world is the most important of needs for kids. As human understanding and technology develops, education has been moving along at the same pace. The quality or method of teaching has undergone noticeable changes in about the last 10 years.

It is the era where the millennial kids have already left school and the next generations experience an entirely new definition of schooling. As everything changes, there is also the need for similar modifications to be made in the infrastructure and interiors of the classrooms themselves. With the development of smart classrooms, one such area which has been rapidly being experimented in the classroom furniture.

It is normal to wonder what role school furniture play in educating children. But it is well known that the interior and ambiance of a place can bring in positivity, something which kids today need in plenty. The way the planner designs the classroom and the kind of furniture one brings in can transform an ordinary classroom into an extraordinary learning environment.

Come to think of it, what sets an otherwise empty, probably small, room apart as a classroom is the furniture that fills it. The typical wooden desks and benches have long been replaced by double or single desks which provide kids with more room for learning and activities. Even within these modern school furniture types, there are innovative styles such as the Cluster series, the Sunflower series and the detachable series. These are designed to provide kids with a classroom equipped for fun and interactive learning. Sitting around a table and sharing their activities and works with classmates can be the perfect space for growth and development for kids in school.

For example, the detachable desk series is a set of schoolroom furniture, which is often available in a rainbow color range. They are circular in shape when connected, thus allowing a round table feel to the classroom activities of kids. When detached, the desks can be made to form larger circles, can be broken down into many semicircular desks or joined together to form shapes such as an ‘S’. This in itself can be a fun activity for kids but more than that the detachable nature of the desks allows a freshness to the classroom ambiance. It can be such a welcome and stimulating change from the boring and never changing age-old classroom interiors. Such similar designs attempt to bring the class together as a whole and allows more interchanges between the students.

The unconventional seating has another benefit as well. There has been a custom, prevalent among kids, of labeling students as “front-benchers” and “back-benchers”, depending on where they sit in a classroom. The so-called ‘first-benchers’ are often students who perform well in studies. Although the seating and the labeling couldn’t have possible direct effect in kids, it has long term implications is their psychology. They tend to see themselves as less able and intelligent than the ones who sit ahead of them. The unconventional seatings can remove such differences within the student communities. It also provides the teachers with better access to every one of their students and hence can pay equal attention to each one of them.

Just as at home, the environment around kids matters a lot. It can affect their mental growth and intelligence as well as physical health. It is often noted that a kid growing up in a happy family stays more hopeful of life and active in general in later years while a child who witnesses problems and fights has a more gloomy aura. The same applies to the environment that they experience in schools, especially within classrooms. The variety of colors and designs available in the latest series of school furniture are made just to make the classrooms vibrant to the eye. Within it is then a positivity which makes kids want to actually sit and enjoy themselves while learning their daily lessons. Such positive vibes can assist the kids to learn quicker and with a better understanding.

It is definitely time that all the schools around India start embracing such critical innovations in school furniture. Education of the children is a matter hitch decides the future of mankind and as such needs the utmost attention. It is our responsibility to ensure that the kids have the fest of the environment to learn and grow. Be it school furniture or the quality of the teaching provided, everything from the minutest detail to the vast syllabi, it all matters when it comes to kids.


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