Pros and Cons of Hiring Pre Wedding Photographer

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So you are planning to hire a pre-wedding photographer. Well, there is nothing wrong in it, but it is essential for you to know the pros and cons of hiring a pre-wedding photographer. Now you might be thinking about how can be their cons when we know that the photographer we are going to hire is professional. You are right, but still, there are some cons that you need to know. Make a note that by mentioning pros and cons our intention is not to make you against hiring pre-wedding photographer, but we want you to be aware of both side of coins so at the end you can hire someone who can deliver you the best work without any problem.

Pros of Hiring Pre Wedding Photographer

Skills: When you hire any pre-wedding photographer from any noted service, then it is for sure you will always get a professional who is an expert in pre-wedding shoots. You can assure yourself that your clicked photos will be out of the box as it will be clicked by photographers who have obtained certifications from any credible institute or other sources.

Equipment: One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional pre-wedding photographers is equipment, props, tools, etc. that they bring along with them. That’s not it, some of the professional photographers always prefer to carry the latest and best equipment, for instance, tripods, various types of lens, artificial lights etc. to capture appealing and unique photos.

Right Angled High-Quality Photos: Know that today good pictures can be easily clicked using a smartphone like iPhone but you can’t deny the fact that you will not get a professional level of quality as the professional one will know the right angle, lighting condition, etc. like minor details.

Cons of Hiring Professional Photographers

Expensive: When the professional word comes, the related service automatically becomes expensive. If you compare the level of skill with price, then obviously you find it decent, but sometimes our pocket doesn’t allow hiring professional photographers. In this, if you really want to get the best pre-wedding photos then make sure to set a separate budget for photography or start saving for it much before the final date.

Negligence: You can insist any regular photographer to fulfill your personal needs, but when you hire any professional photographer then there is a higher chance that your request will be denied or he might ask for extra money.

How to Get Most from Your Pre Wedding Photographer Service

pre-wedding photography and videography

After knowing the pros and cons of hiring pre-wedding photographer, it is important for you to make a checklist of things that you want from your photographer so you will not face any kind of trouble after and before of your photography session. Let us help you with a few things that you may need to cross-check before hiring your potential pre-wedding photographer.

  • Check the photographer’s previous work. You can ask your photographer for it without any hesitation. It will give you an idea of work you will get from your photographer.
  • Ask for the camera model, props and other available equipment.
  • Know the total experience or your photographer had done how many pre-wedding shoots
  • Specifically, ask for the charges as professional photographers generally shoot for a fixed time or charge on the basis of the number of photographs.
  • Check the photographer’s online portfolio, especially if he has any personal website.
  • Check the photographer’s Instagram or other social media account to verify the work.

These are some necessary checks that you can follow before hiring a photographer, but if you live in Sydney, Australia or nearby, then we have the best solution for you especially when you want to hire pre-wedding photography in Sydney.

We recommend you to hire a pre-wedding photographer from Sorted Media. If you want to get most from your pre-wedding photo shoot, then Sorted Media is what you need to trust on.

Sorted Media is home to professional photographers & videographers that let you hire professional and highly experienced photographers not just for pre-wedding but for other occasions too. Just name it, and you will get a dedicated photographer for your need.

Know some quick benefits that you will get when you hire a photographer from Sorted Media.

  • Hire photographer or videographer at last moment.
  • High quality perfectly angled photography and videography.
  • Ask for re-shoot or refund if you are not happy with the work. Your concern will be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Choose the photographers from 12+ categories including wedding, party, event, food, portrait, food, graduation and more.
  • Your pictures will be clicked using the latest powerful camera and equipment by professional photographers.

We hope you like the information provided here. Now if you have any query related to Pre wedding photography in Sydney or you have any unanswered question, then make sure to let us know in the comment section.


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