Nature of SEO

SEO has grown into a complex subject, it is no more just keyword stuffing, link farming, cross linking and such amateur tactics. The online marketplace is no different from the high street. Without a precise online business plan and a razor sharp strategy to counter your competition, you will be wasting time and money over the internet. Many businesses pay hundreds of pounds every month to their SEO companies. Only a tiny percentage of them know what they are getting in return for the money they pay into SEO. Please do not spend on SEO just because someone managed to sell fear and black magic to you. It feels sad to see that some businesses realize that they are getting absolutely nothing for the money they pay and yet they are afraid to stop using such SEO companies.

Common Sense

SEO is purely common sense : optimizing your website for search engines. Google publishes a SEO guideline for webmasters. In the guideline, they have outlined all the best practices. It is more than enough if you just follow Google’s guidelines. Some industries might have extreme competition over the internet and in such cases you will have to dig deeper into SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc.

The SEO Race

There is no quick remedy or magical solution that can put your website on Page One of Google. If there was one such magic tactic, all the websites in the world will be on Page One! Just like in sports, you need to know your opponents, practice hard, learn and embrace new trends, push your limits and only then can your website win the SEO race.

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